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What are the user features of the site?

• Charts – The charts show the New & Hot songs based on specific time settings, like this week's New & Hot songs. Charts also display the Top 50 songs which can be filtered by time this week, last week, this month, last month and this year.
• Collection – Collection works like SoundCloud, which allows users to see their collections like history of tracks they have played, tracks they have liked, tracks they want to listen later, etc.
• Explore – You can explore new tracks, new artists, new albums and filter tracks by genre.
• Feed – The feed page keeps the user up to date with the new tracks, albums or playlists posted by their friends. The feed can display artists suggestions and more.
• Music Player – Comes with a modern music player with ability to play, next/skip, pause, repeat, etc.
• Repost – Users can repost tracks, playlists or albums to their followers just like Soundcloud.
• Search – A search system to find artists, tracks, people, playlists and albums.
• Sharing – Users can share songs on any website, via the email or on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
• Statistics – Powerful statistics to show who is playing and downloading your tracks.

How do I change my profile pic from a mobile device?
1. Click on the profile pic icon in top-right corner and choose "Settings" from the menu.
2. Click the 'Profile' link from the choices that appear on the page.
3. Scroll down to the section where you can choose and upload new profile and cover pics.

When I search on my mobile device the results are blank. What is going on?
On smaller/narrow screens sections of the site don't always show side-by-side. The side menu and tags sections are loaded before the search results. Please try scrolling down the page to view your search results.
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